Lucy  +  Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa, and this little cutie by my side is my daughter, Lucy. She's my inspiration to create a place that contributes to making the world better through community and yummy coffee :)


SLO  Coast Coffee  +  Polly

Our coffee story starts when we bought and refurbished Polly—isn't she adorable? For 3 years we've traveled around the Central Coast, enjoying our part in caffeinating people at work, weddings, and special events. We are sad to say goodbye to Polly, but excited to evolve into a real-life coffee shop where we are able to serve the community on a regular basis.


Our  offerings

We serve unique coffee drinks made with local beans from roasters such as Coastal Peaks and Spearhead Coffee. We also offer sweet and savory foods including artisan toasts, oatmeal, fruit, muffins, and more.
We source the best ingredients available to us, so whenever possible we use organic and local products.


Village  at Laurel  Lane

The Laurel Lane renovations are exciting and we are thrilled to bring a gathering place into this neighborhood and the community.